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Communication Expression Coordination

Message from SOPHIE

Bring out the intrinsic value, appeal,
and potentials
Offering new values in everyday life.
Precious, Innovative, Aesthetic, Luxurious,
Elegant, Extraordinary…

Our Company supports business expansion of global luxury brands and products with unique values in Japanese markets.

We propose style and aesthetics ahead of the times by fusing cultures. Creating a marriage of Japanese aesthetics, sensitivity, Gastronomy, and festivity with world’s cultures. As a "catalyst", we create new values and trends.


For over 20 years, I have been engaged in brand communication based on goal settings tailored to various business needs from branding of unique values, start-up of the companies, to rebranding regardless of their business scales.


For branding, we may start with building relationships with media agencies, industry papers, and key persons. Media strategies are planned and implemented through image advertisements, publicities, and editing tie-ups that appeal to the targets with carefully designed brand messages.


Especially synergistic effects that combine printing and digital media including SNS and information dissemination through opinion leaders are required more than ever.


For human-centric activities, where individuals are the source of key messages, we collaborate with various industries to acquire target customers and carry out projects creating a bond between the brand and the customers to increase their brand loyalties. There are various ways of business expansion depending on the challenges and goals of the brand.


In the midst of ever-changing lifestyle environment and media circumstances, we will propose and implement plans to capture latent needs and link them to the future of brands from a broad set of perspectives in order to support business expansion and growth our clients.


− Branding communication

− Producing brand image

− Media strategy

− VIP/customer relations

− Salon planning

− Brand business development

− Multi-media promotion

− Store promotion

− Rebranding & re-promotion

− Branding material development

− Flower x Cuisine creation service

− All businesses incidental to the above

Recent Achievements

Corporate Data

SOPHIE Créaide Inc

Seijo, Setagaya-ku Tokyo Japan

CEO  Sophie Chie KIMURA

Joined Nihon Keizai Shimbun’s advertising company, Nikkeisha Ltd. Assigned as a planner and paid-publicity reporter to Marketing & Planning Department, and as AE/International Advertising Department. Then joined Daiichi-Kikaku Ltd. (now ADK) as a planner of Marketing & Planning Department. After a study of Journalism at NY Long Island University, joined How Inc. in 1990. How Inc. was an all-women planning company, now is a PR company, led by Ms. Kazuko Okuma, which became independent from former Daiichi-Kikaku, now ADK. At How Inc., engaged in branding communication of cosmetics, fragrance, jewelry, interior, food, and many other luxury brand products as a planning director. In 2011, started to work as freelance, engaged in brand business development, customer relations and salon activities. Founded Sophie Crcéaide Inc. in 2017.

“Créaide” is the création (creation) + aide (support).
It means to develop “creative support”.

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